Benadryl to treat panic attacks

Use of Benadryl to Treat Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can often strike out of the blue adding fear with generally no warning signs that is why lots of individuals are unable to function in their daily life for fear of an attack. These individuals are often incapacitated in their lifestyles, can’t mingle with others with ease, and not being able to do all the activities that they would like to do. As a rule, treating the primary fears behind these attacks will help to resolve them, or at least minimize the frequency of these attacks. In some cases, in order for that person to function in his everyday life, he has to make use of a medication to treat the panic attack. Some people use Benadryl to treat panic attacks.

Seek Help

There are certain things that people should steer clear of when tormented by panic attacks. One of these things is stimulants. Stimulants are often referred to as “uppers” because they increase or speed up mental and physical processes in the body. There are several people who will make use of Benadryl to treat panic attacks since it has a calming solution and makes some people sleepy. The only setback with using Benadryl to treat panic attacks for some people is that it may have the reverse outcome. Instead of calming, it stimulates their system and makes them feel even more agitated. One more problem for those using Benadryl to treat panic attacks is that the effects disappear in a short amount of time, giving the individual the reverse effect of being stimulated all over again. Besides, ingestion of Benadryl is not to be taken on a daily basis, that’s why it may cause further problems for the individuals in the future.

As a replacement for of using Benadryl to treat panic attacks, the best recommendation is to seek treatment from a professional. This way, the individual is assisted by breaking down the problem into manageable parts so they can be aware of where the fear and panic came from that is triggering the attacks. This way, they can somewhat prevent an attack from taking place. The professional can also assist the individual in learning the relaxation methods that will help them in case of a panic attack. These relaxation methods typically consist of breathing exercises to increase oxygen to the brain while the grounding methods usually include the ways to help the individual cope with the past stressors in their lives that triggers the fears and instead focus on present events that are happening in their lives.

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